Welcome to our website where we have gathered as much information we could locate on the Ultranautic product line.  Please feel free to explore through our website where we feature all three of Ultranautic's products, the Wetbike, Seaflash, and the Jetstar.


The fun and excitement of a personal watercraft plus the freedom and feel of a motorcycle. It's an exhilarating feeling no other personal watercraft can offer. One time out on Wetbike is one time to remember. The watercycle sits squarely in the water. Get behind is, grasp the handles and get the feel. With one good skootch you should be able to slide up into the saddle. Keep your balance. Turn the electric start. And gently open the throttle.

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The Jetstar was introduced in 1988 and was back in 1989 in an even more-polished form.  That's saying plenty because the boat was introduced as a deluxe unit even in its standard form.  For 1989, details such as the stereo radio-tape deck, trailer, custom trim and glove box are standard features.  The Jetstar can hold up to three adults, and one of its seats can be flipped around to face the stern.  This lets a passenger watch a water skier if the Jetstar is used as a nimble boat

Jetstar 1250 Specifications

  • Engine 798cc 2-cyl. Suzuki
  • Length 150"
  • Width 69"
  • Dry weight 700lbs




The Seaflash personal water craft offers the same 60 h.p. Suzuki motor as the Wetbike.  The Seaflash can also have modifications done to increase the horsepower.  The Seaflash offers a large storage compartment in the front of the hull to stash all your goodies.  Its 60 h.p. twin carb motor is one of the most reliable out there.  The hull is built much like a boat and is made to with stand just about anything. 

Seaflash Specifications

  • Engine 798cc 2cyl. Suzuki
  • Length 108"
  • Width 44"
  • Dry weight 420lbs